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Contaminated Land and Environmental Services

The term ‘environment’ is defined as the surroundings or conditions in which a person or business operates. Current and historical land uses have led to the contamination of land, causing detrimental effects not only to environmental and human health but also on the sale, purchase, and development of properties.

In response to the tightening of environmental regulations and a growing focus on sustainability, it is becoming increasingly important to identify and address the impact we have on the surrounding environment and ensure the optimization of business activities to support human and environmental health. By working closely with our clients, we can provide environmental solutions that are both practical and beneficial to a sustainable future.


Our Contaminated Land and Environmental Services Include:

Assessment Corp is experienced in managing contaminated land risks and ensuring environmental compliance. With our team of our qualified environmental consultants, Assessment Corp (A.C) offers a comprehensive range of contaminated land and environmental services.

  • Pre-purchase and due diligence assessments
  • Preliminary Site Investigation (PSI)
  • Detailed Site Investigation (DSI)
  • Remediation Action Planning (RAP)
  • Validation
  • Underground Petroleum Storage Systems (UPSS) assessments
  • Environmental management plans
  • Environmental monitoring
  • Acid sulfate soils assessments
  • Asbestos in soils assessments

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