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Mould Services

Mould is part of a group of very common organisms called fungi and is becoming an increasing issue throughout residential homes and workplaces. In the environment we live in, mould is naturally present on virtually all indoor and outdoor surfaces but when the uncontrolled growth of mould is allowed, the presence of mould has the potential to cause serious health problems and structural issues within buildings.

People react to mould exposure differently, depending on factors such as the amount of mould an individual is exposed to, the type or species of mould present and a person’s own level of health and sensitivity. Mould can also have negative effects on structural and aesthetic aspects of buildings which can lead to decreasing of property value and expensive remediation costs.

If mould is present at the home or workplace, immediate action should be taken to protect property value and ensure the safety of your family, tenants and workers. Assessment Corps team of occupation hygienists are highly experienced in all stages of mould projects including mould assessments, remediation and post remediation verification.


Our mould services include:

  • Surface mould sampling and NATA accredited analysis
  • Airborne mould sampling and NATA accredited analysis
  • Moisture and water ingress assessments
  • Remediation scope of works
  • Independent mould assessments
  • Independent post remediation assessments

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