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Soil and Waste Classifications

Excess soil and waste material requiring off-site disposal or re-use is commonly produced during construction, development and civil projects. Incorrect management of soil and waste material e.g. mixing of clean soils with waste material, can lead to unexpected project cost blow outs. Therefore, correct management and classification is crucial to a successful project and can lead to considerable cost savings.

Eligible ‘clean soils’ may be disposed of for little to no cost as they can be re-used off site for engineering fill. The NSW EPA has implemented the Resource Recovery Framework to allow the beneficial and safe re-use of waste independent of the NSW laws. If soil or recovery material are to be re-used off site they must be classified as Virgin Excavated Natural Material (VENM), Excavated Natural Material (ENM) or under a suitable resource recovery order.


Soil and Waste Classifications Services:

If soils or waste material (sometime referred to as fill) cannot be classified as VENM or ENM they must undergo waste classification in accordance with the NSW EPA Waste Classification Guidelines (November 2014) before they can be transported off-site for disposal. Licensed waste facilities and landfill sites will not accept waste without a valid Waste Classification Report.

Assessment Corp (A.C) has extensive industry experience in soil and waste management are able to advise and assist you with all your soil and waste classification project needs:

  • Waste Classification assessments
  • Virgin Excavated Natural Material (VENM) assessments
  • Excavated Natural Material (ENM) assessments
  • Resource Recovery Order and Exemption assessments

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